Top Global Universities to Study Social Science Degrees

Social Sciences encompasses a wide variety of topics, include but are not restricted to

  • History
  • Political Science
  • Geography
  • Economics
  • Psychology
  • Sociology
  • Anthropology

Although they are broad and diverse, the social sciences share a shared aim of understanding human nature. They are also increasing in importance, as prospective students find that their job opportunities are significantly improved by improving their study, analysis, analytical thought, interpersonal and leadership skills.

Nevertheless, choosing the best degree programmes in social science and education for you can be overwhelming. A fast web look for the perfect choices shows elite names such as Oxford, MIT, Cambridge, Stanford and Harvard this suggests that Study Abroad is best for the aspirants. While it is wonderful that such universities focus on providing top-level knowledge of the subject, let us experience it — they are exceptionally hard to get into.

Humans have peaked at five big social science degrees and colleges for you to remember. Some of them have been chosen for basic reasons based on international rankings, but others have been selected for other more subtle reasons, such as coursework, subject value, employment opportunities and global implications.

Social Sciences – Kent University, UK

Instead of pursuing a field in social science, why do not study the subject overall? The Kent ‘s School of Social Policy, Anthropology and Social Science is one of the country’s finest academic and research centres.

What makes this programme perfect is that the path to learning is entirely down to you. Social analysis techniques are the only compulsory modules for each year. All the other components are part of the curriculum, covering subjects such as sociology, criminology, psychology, social policy, and social history. This enables students to pursue their ambitions and appreciate a much richer learning experience.

However, an unbiased, student-centered approach was not the only gain of this course. Students often invest a year on an acceptable proposal in this study after the second year. It is a good opportunity not only to influence and improve your career opportunities, but also to practice the theories and models that you are trying to learn for two years.

Economics – Harvard University, USA

We still would not have mentioned Social Science degrees while considering the Ivy League! It is not a simple matter to get into, yet Harvard University’s major economics is probably the most popular of any kind on the planet. It was the most famous major in the Harvard Social Sciences programme, and with valid reason. First off, Harvard graduates should do more – whereas the US average annual salary for economics students is around US$ 45,000/year, Harvard graduates earn about US$ 80,000/year!

Along with getting the opportunity to network and grow up with high-profile and powerful individuals at this Ivy League academy, the programme of study is at the top level. Students participated in an in-depth analysis of general economic systems, analyse and resolve economic problems, and can also opt to limit their research to more relevant areas such as economic history, environmental economics, social & behavioural economics, and social psychology and decision-making.

Politics, Philosophy and Economics – Lancaster University, England – United Kingdom

PPE, as we recognize shortly, has famous & incredible numbers of powerful leaders in the United Kingdom and even prime ministers have a degree in PPE.
Although the intensely successful University of Oxford offers perhaps the most popular course of its kind, Lancaster University is quickly gaining momentum. It is in turn ranked among the top 10 institutions for Social Sciences to Study in the United Kingdom.

Yet what precisely do the PPE students learn? It is not a simple degree programme, that is for certain. In similar ways, it is demanding and relaxing, encouraging teachers to comprehend the world through the lens of interrelated intellectual, cultural, and political ideas. Students can acquire advanced logic and communication skills by learning history, human nature, politics, etc. in such an interlinking manner.

Yet do not let yourself be distracted by this. The programme is taught methodically: the first year is an overview of the 3 main sciences, enabling you to build a firm foundation of understanding in each of science, politics, and economy. Then things get very interesting in the 2nd and 3rd year: All of the courses are elective and totally up to you, and some samples of the rich course material include subjects such as current political philosophy, the principles of belief and denial, existentialism and Middle East history and politics.

Psychology – University of Glasgow, United Kingdom

There had been a period when a degree programme in psychology was exciting, but not very useful. The need for therapeutic services in the workforce and education is now growing. Moreover, outside of psychology, it has now earned ever more interest from staff. It is a versatile programme and psychological graduates can practice their knowledge in careers such as publicity, public relations.

The BSc Psychology programme of the University of Glasgow is well respected and regularly ranks in the top ten in the UK. This 4-year degree is much more than a certificate of the British Psychological Society by the way. Students who receive second class honours are granted the private charter existing members basis. In short, it needs to begin your journey into a professional psychologist with charters.

Social Studies – Trinity College Dublin, Ireland

Some people are interested in social sciences since they want to comprehend the whole world. Others, however, have an enthusiasm to directly help people and society. Perhaps a profession in social work would be worth pursuing if you are in the latter category. The TCD Social Studies Programme is among the two undergraduate programmes in Ireland that rank you as a social work specialist. This requires a research and social work mix and is approved by CORU, the Irish Licensing Board of Social Care. That means you can get jobs in Ireland upon graduation, although you can also enrol as a social worker in the United Kingdom and worldwide.

In the meantime, Trinity College is not just Ireland’s number one university. It is also the most historical, trait and historically significant university in the country. The University’s main and most varied Faculty of Arts, Humanities, and the Social Sciences, with a total number of 12 campuses. Therefore, the classes for social studies are rather small and pleasant, while over 5,000 learners are in the faculty. That makes it a highly interpersonal and respectful learning environment with a strong student and academic staff support network that enables you to make use of all your studies.

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